Broken Vows Restored Hearts

Seeking God for Affair Recovery

There is HOPE! Infidelity does not have to ruin you or your marriage. God offers redemption and healing!

At Broken Vows, Restored Hearts, we believe that when two people surrender to God there is no marital brokenness He can’t redeem. Our God is a chain breaker and a heart healer. We only need to believe, repent, and obey! So let’s turn to Him for our affair recovery and be healed.

“Oh Lord, if You heal me, I will be truly healed; if You save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for You alone.” Jeremiah 17:14

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**Not every betrayer is a man. Broken vows happen when wives cheat too. But men and women are very different, and we believe that the approach to healing when women are the betrayers is going to be different than what we’ve experienced. This is just one ministry sharing one perspective. There are many others out there. We’re sharing our story and the lessons we’ve learned along the way, hoping it will help others find the healing we’ve found. For that reason we only share from the perspective of betrayed wives and unfaithful husbands. If your story is the opposite, we’re not pretending your pain is any less real or valid, but you’ll most likely find another ministry more helpful. **

Find Help For:

Betrayed Wives

From forgiveness to setting boundaries to finding your identity in Christ, here you will find articles, videos, and other resources designed to address the issues facing wives who have been betrayed by marital infidelity.

Restoring the Broken Marriage

Here you will find resources for couples in which both husband and wife are committed to doing whatever it takes to repair the damage the infidelity did to the marriage. One can break it, but true affair recovery takes both of you plus God.

Unfaithful Husbands

From understanding Biblical repentance to rebuilding the trust that was broken by your infidelity, here you will find articles, videos, and other resources designed to address the issues facing husbands who struggle with sexual addiction.

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Broken Vows, Restored Hearts Resources:

Books, Bible Studies, Classes, and Printables

Our library of resources is always growing as we not only share the things that have helped us heal but also work to create new tools that will help us all as we're seeking God for affair recovery.

Support Groups

Whether you're an individual or a couple seeking support from others on the same path, we're building a number of support groups where restored hearts in love with our Lord is the goal.

Podcast and YouTube Channel

Listen in as Steve and Cherith talk through their own healing journey, the key lessons they've learned, and most importantly, what the Bible teaches about affair recovery.

The Broken Vows, Restored Hearts One Year Program

For couples who are VERY serious about healing, this one year program will take you, step by step, through: 30-day prep, 90-day therapeutic separation and sexual detox, 60-days of seeking God together, and finally six months of rebuilding trust and intimacy.