Help for Betrayed Wives

As victims of betrayal, and the trauma that goes along with it, we face a mountain range of obstacles which stand between us and a healthy, fulfilling life. But we serve a God who casts mountains into the depths of the sea! We may be betrayed wives, but with a mustard seed of faith, a fierce resolve to obey God, the determination to do the work, and the help of the Giver of all good things we CAN heal from this and spend our lives, not as victims but as victors!

My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak,
but God remains the strength of my heart;
He is mine forever. Psalm 73:26

How to Heal a Betrayed Heart - 5 Steps that can Make Me Whole Again

First Steps

As a betrayed wife, it can be hard to know where to start on the road to recovery! Your world has been turned upside down, and sometimes it’s hard to even know what is real and what isn’t, let alone what to do about it. You’re not alone. Here is a short article all about some of the first steps you can take to follow God into recovery.

Posts for Betrayed Wives

Here are some articles we’ve written specifically for betrayed wives to encourage and support you as you heal. Even if you are choosing healing alone, even if your marriage doesn’t survive this, YOU can find healing and wholeness in Christ!

Get Support

It is a terribly isolating thing to be betrayed! It’s easy to start to believe you have to do this alone. But it is a lie. Not only is God right there with you, there are other women who have been through this who understand and will walk with you through it. Reach out today and start to get the support you need!

Resources for Betrayed Wives

We have more resources for you at our sister site.

This ministry started out on another site where Cherith shared her own journey through the process of healing from betrayal trauma. Then she started sharing Bible studies and encouragements for others on the same road. As time passed and healing came, the Bible studies became more frequent and the content got jumbled. We decided we needed two separate sites. One for affair recovery content, and one for Bible studies and encouragements for women seeking God as they heal. So if you're looking to go deeper into the Word of God on topics that are very relevant to healing from betrayal, check out His Dearly Loved Daughter Ministries.

There are a lot of books out there claiming to offer help for betrayed wives. Some from a Christian perspective, others from the secular. Some focus on the emotions while others are more focused on the psychology of the situation. Some tell a story while others are instructive.
Some of them feel like a lifeline thrown into the dark depths of the grief we experience after being betrayed and others feel like a knife, gouging out whatever glimmer of hope was left in our hearts.
We certainly haven’t read all of them, but we’ve read enough to have found some real gems. We’d like to share our top reccomendations with you. 

Here are some links to a few other ministries we believe can be very helpful to women healing from betrayal trauma.