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Books and Bible Studies

The Biblical Boundaries Workbook

Learn what the Bible has to say about how to define, establish, and implement healthy boundaries that honor God.


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Our Printables

From the post,  5 Steps for Setting Boundaries in Relationships, this worksheet will walk you through the process of creating and communicating your own God honoring boundaries. It includes a pre-filled example worksheet with some of our answers to help get you started.

From the post, What Does the Bible Say About Accountability, this worksheet will walk you through the process of creating your own accountability plan. Success is always more likely when you start with a plan!

Affair Recovery books we love from other authors

We don't just want to share our own products with you. We also want you to know about the resources we've found over the years of our own healing journey. These are our top recommendations.

Books for Her

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse Book Cover

Your Sexually Addicted Spouce: How Partners Can Cope and Heal

This book by Barbara Steffens, PhD. and Marsha Means, MA. has been a Godsend to countless women suffering from betrayal trauma. If you're having a hard time understanding what is happening to you emotionally, this book will help!

From Betrayal Trauma to Healing and Joy: A Workbook for Partners of Sex Addicts

Working your way through this wonderful workbook by Marsha Means will give you a pathway to healing. Learn to understand what has happened to you, how to grieve it, and what you need to do to move past it and live healed.

Books for Him

Worthy of Her Trust: What You Need to Do to Rebuild Sexual Integrity and Win Her Back

In this book, Jason Martinkus shares his own story of deep sexual addiction, repentance. and healing. He very candidly addresses the issues men must be willing to face if there will be any hope of marital reconciliation.

Real Hope True Freedom

Real Hope, True Freedom: Understanding and Coping with Sexual Addiction

In this book, Milton Mangness and Marsha Means share a ton of in-depth information about sexual well as practical advice about how to break free forever.

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Why should you listen to what we have to say about affair recovery, overcoming sexual addictions, and healing from betrayal trauma? Well, because we’ve been through it and found victory. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do share openly and honestly about what God has taught us along the way. We’re not here to offer you a formula, we’re here to encourage you and point you to the only real answer – Jesus! 

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