The Next Ninety Days – Separation

The Next Ninety Days - Beginning Our Therapeutic Separation

* What you read below is what I wrote in February 2017, on the night Steve moved out to start our 90-day time apart. God taught us a lot during this time, and if you keep reading through the posts in the “Our Story” category you’ll get to see how God worked. As we’ve worked […]

Telling Our Backstory

Telling Our Backstory

Our story is important. We have been incredibly blessed by the work of God in and through us, and for those going through the traumas and trials of affair recovery it can serve as an encouraging beacon of hope. But to really tell it right, I think it’s important to go back to the very […]

How it all Started

How it all started

* This was the original about me page on my blog, His Dearly Loved Daughter. It’s the first post I wrote back in January of 2017. A lot has changed since then, so I feel I need to explain some things for those who are new to our story. For one thing, I don’t use […]