Staying Married After Betrayal: A Guest Appearance with BTR

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Staying married after betrayal

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Several weeks ago I had the great honor and privilege to be interviewed by Anne for the Betrayal Trauma Recovery Podcast. What a pleasure it was to talk to her that afternoon!

If you’re not familiar with their ministry, Betrayal Trauma Recovery (or is an amazing resource for women reeling in the aftermath of discovering their husband’s infidelity or addiction. It is a secure, reliable, and healthy place for women who are looking for a safe-haven from the pain, chaos, and isolation associated with their husband’s abuse. They have a treasure trove of tools available to help their clients establish safety in their lives and families, and make the hard choice of recovery.

What’s great about this ministry is that every woman on their team has experienced betrayal trauma themselves, so they won’t have any problem empathizing with your pain, or understanding your situation.

They offer one-on-one support calls with a trained betrayal trauma specialist, as well as classes (all done online, so it is available to everyone) covering all kinds of topics from how to heal from betrayal trauma, to setting boundaries, to managing triggers, and much more. They even have a Betrayal Trauma Recovery Club to give you access to APSATS led sessions every single weekday!

In addition to all that, offers a blog, and a podcast to help women find help and healing after betrayal. This is an amazing ministry, and I am so honored to have been given the opportunity to link arms with them!

SO…. if you can carve 30 minutes out of your day, pull up a comfy chair and listen in as we chat. I believe you will be blessed.

Cherith Peters

Cherith Peters

I am a wife, mother, and passionate follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. After the realities of my husband's sexual addiction and infidelities finally came to a head, I began blogging about our journey to healing. God has worked many miracles in our life and marriage since then, and grown a ministry committed to helping others find the healing in Christ that changed our story forever!

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