How to Overcome Sex Addiction – 5 First Steps

How to Overcome Sex Addiction - 5 First Steps

Anyone who has ever been a slave to sexual sin knows how impossible it feels to ever truly break free from it. But if you want to know how to overcome sex addiction, I’ve got good news for you. As someone who has been there myself and has half a decade of sobriety under my […]

Why is Confession Important? Because the Truth Will Set You Free

Why is Confession Important Because the Truth will Set you Free

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The truth will set you free.” But until we experienced the shackle-breaking realities of telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth surrounding Steve’s addiction, we didn’t realize how profoundly true that saying is. Why is confession important, you ask? My friend, confession is important because the […]

What Does the Bible Say About Accountability? How to Hold Yourself Accountable in 5 Steps

What Does the Bible Say About Accountability 5 Steps to Hold Yourself Accountable

Accountability is a big topic. Do a quick google search, and you’ll find a whole lot of people are asking things like: What is personal accountability? What is the difference between responsibility and accountability? What does the Bible say about accountability? Why is personal accountability important? And searching things like: How to hold people accountable, […]

Addiction, Lies, and Relationships

Addiction, Lies, and Relationships

It’s time to address a very important reality about addiction, lies, and relationships. When we’re active in our addiction, or even at the beginning stages of recovery, it can be difficult to understand why confession is SO important. The enemy tells us we’re protecting the people we love by not telling them what we’ve done, […]

4 Roadblocks to Recovery from Sex Addiction

4 Roadblocks to Recovery from Sex Addiction

Who better to talk to you about the roadblocks to recovery from sex addiction than a recovering sex addict with years of sobriety under his belt? That’s why we’re doing something a little different today, and instead of Cherith sharing with you, Steve is going to tell you a little about a few of the […]